Provide a comprehensive database that enables case managers and clients to quickly locate local programs and services and make informed choices about what they need.

    Record and track information about a client's specific and unmet needs; customize fields for data collection; make direct referrals to providers; and produce the reports you need.
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    Assembles more than 30,000 high-quality articles, fact sheets and interactive tools in English - and more than 10,000 in Spanish.

    The PHR allows a case manager to create a secure place to automatically store referral information and other documents for a client.

The Network of Care for Prisoner Reentry makes it easy for probation officers, social workers and clients to quickly find, refer and engage with all behavioral-health and other community-based services that can help clients deal with underlying problems, rejoin society in a far more productive way, and reduce recidivism rates.

The (Network of Care) Prisoner Reentry Network is an important tool for people reentering; their families; probation officers; corrections staff; the courts, and social-service providers. It provides current, up-to-date information at your fingertips. It is a resource that was developed by a coalition of key stakeholders, but it has gone beyond the original design with additional research articles, access to pending legislation, and over 600 agency listings. The Prison Society is proud to be a founder and sponsor of this innovative initiative.

Ann Schwartzman, Executive Director, Pennsylvania Prison Society

During the past decade, the Network of Care suite of products has served more than 30 million persons across the nation and trained hundreds of thousands - in person and online - via our Learning Management System. The Call Center application has served hundreds of thousands of consumers.

More NOC key features:

  • The Learning Center is designed to educate, inform, and provide access to the most relevant information available for a particular subject area.
  • Each portal is fully customized to serve the local area, and a user-friendly client interface enables Network of Care partners to easily display local content throughout the site.
  • An advanced Social Networking platform is designed to promote collaboration, coordination and support across diverse groups in each community.
  • The Nationwide News section posts the top related articles every morning from more than 3,000 periodicals around the world.
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